Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

Patrick LeMieux is an artist, game designer, media theorist, and Assistant Professor in the Cinema and Digital Media Program at University of California, Davis.


The Game Boy Camera game has a built-in glitch that creates pop-ups of peculiar faces. These images are framed like the pictures you might take with the device and the faces pop-up on the camera as accidents, mistakes, emergences. For this project I wanted to separate these faces from the GUI, which skeuomorphizes them as glitches and return them to the genre of portraiture in the same media environment. In short, I wanted to make a series of Game Boy games displaying these faces, these game boys.

The resulting scultpture is five Game Boy portraits of the different figures in the lolipop colors of the Game Boy pocket versions, with backlights matching the colors.

Game Boy Installation

Patrick Lemieux

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